Careful use of resources and acting sustainably are principles that your company lives and breathes? If yes, we are actually on the same wavelength. We will be happy to assist your quality management with the respective certificates of energy efficiency and eco-friendliness.

Energy consciousness

Resources and energy

Waste minimization

Environmental and energy laws

Application of new technologies

Safety for the staff



Environmental management

      • ISO 140001

Energy management

    • ISO 50001


We have already successfully implemented the following changes to save resources and energy:

  • 220 fluorescent lamps were substituted by LED tubes.
  • Separation of the lighting sections in the tool construction department.
  • The compressors in the pressing department, as well as in punching and bending, were substituted by more efficient models.
  • 50 compressed-air leaks in various parts of our production facilities were sealed.


“To protect the basic resources on which the life of future generations depend, the sustainability of our production defines the path toward a future with a sustainable economic and social development.”